Quietest Air Fryers Recommended by Customer Reports

Dr. Rick Neitzel says that the level of noise from most kitchen appliances are not harmful but annoying. The air fryer is one of the types with a fast growth in the market. The article from CR tested multiple air fryers to find out the quietest ones for recommendation. The full article can be readContinue reading “Quietest Air Fryers Recommended by Customer Reports”

During the Pandemic: Less Noise Help Ears But Not Hearts or Brains

Over the last year, the noise was reduced by 3 decibel levels based on the research results from Dr. Neitzel’s team. That’s enough to potentially reduce adverse health impacts, such as hearing loss. However, all the other negative emotions leading to the stress raise concerns of increased health impacts on hearts and brains. The heartContinue reading “During the Pandemic: Less Noise Help Ears But Not Hearts or Brains”