Dr. Neitzel Discuss the Toll of Noise on Bodies and Environment

In the decades since 1978, studies have underscored the significance of the hazed of the noise to the health of people. The exposure of noise can increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and so much more. Dr. Neitzel discuss the toll of noise on bodies and also environment and how to mitigateContinue reading “Dr. Neitzel Discuss the Toll of Noise on Bodies and Environment”

Health Impact from City Noise

When more people move to the city, more people start to suffer from the city noise, especially from the heavy traffic and construction due to the city’s convenience and development. The dense urban environmental cities can have background noise high enough to cause the hearing loss after year or even decades of exposure. The loudContinue reading “Health Impact from City Noise”

Noisiest Jobs in America

CDC estimate that 22 million Americans are exposed to noise at work. The noisiest jobs can be determined by the noise exposure data from the University of Michigan’s Job Exposure Matrix.  Nearly half of these noisiest jobs in America are production occupations and the vast majority of these jobs do not pay well and also haveContinue reading “Noisiest Jobs in America”

Quietest Air Fryers Recommended by Customer Reports

Dr. Rick Neitzel says that the level of noise from most kitchen appliances are not harmful but annoying. The air fryer is one of the types with a fast growth in the market. The article from CR tested multiple air fryers to find out the quietest ones for recommendation. The full article can be readContinue reading “Quietest Air Fryers Recommended by Customer Reports”

During the Pandemic: Less Noise Help Ears But Not Hearts or Brains

Over the last year, the noise was reduced by 3 decibel levels based on the research results from Dr. Neitzel’s team. That’s enough to potentially reduce adverse health impacts, such as hearing loss. However, all the other negative emotions leading to the stress raise concerns of increased health impacts on hearts and brains. The heartContinue reading “During the Pandemic: Less Noise Help Ears But Not Hearts or Brains”

Our web-based tool is introduced by NOISH for the noise exposure estimate

The web-based tool developed by our lab allows epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, occupational health practitioners to access the noise exposure estimates based on the results from the noise Job Exposure Matrix(JEM). The JEM is based on the 989,179 valid noise measurement from 1960s to 2015, representing 274 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and 430 Standard Occupational ClassificationContinue reading “Our web-based tool is introduced by NOISH for the noise exposure estimate”

Covid-19 Shutdowns Reduced Unhealthy Noise Exposure

Dr. Neitzel and Lauren were interviewed by an independent journalist and healthcare contributor to Forbes.com to talk about the Apply Hearing Study and the first paper just published in Environmental Research Letters for it. In the study, researchers collected participants’ Apple Watch and iPhone headphone data to understand the sound and audio exposure in the dailyContinue reading “Covid-19 Shutdowns Reduced Unhealthy Noise Exposure”

Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure nearly in half

People’s exposure to environmental noise dropped nearly in half during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to University of Michigan researchers who analyzed data from the Apple Hearing Study. Researchers at U-M’s School of Public Health and Apple Inc. looked at noise exposure data from volunteer Apple Watch users in Florida, New York,Continue reading “Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure nearly in half”