First Generation Student from School of Public Health to Protect Energy Workers

Cassie Gaskins is the first one to earn bachelor and master degree in her family. She made a lot of effort and now is the role to members of her family. She got an MPH with a specialization in industrial hygiene from the School of Public Health, University of Michigan. She is interested in the energy workersContinue reading “First Generation Student from School of Public Health to Protect Energy Workers”

Apple published a paper for Hearing Study

Apple published a paper, Toward a better understanding of nonoccupational sound exposures and associated health impacts: Methods of the Apple Hearing Study, for Apple’s Hearing Study. This new paper describes the methods of the study, which collects data from hearing tests, sound level at which the participants exposure to environment and headphone, the cardiovascular metricsContinue reading “Apple published a paper for Hearing Study”

A 50 years Noise Research at NIOSH

Noise is among the oldest occupational hazards that related to the occupational hearing loss persisted today. As NIOSH celebrates its 50th anniversary, the NIOSH Hearing Loss Prevention Research Program looks back over 50 years of research and recommendations for preventing occupational hearing loss. The research conducted from 1972 to 2019 are listed as a conclusion.Continue reading “A 50 years Noise Research at NIOSH”

The definition of loud noise and how harmful it is

The loud noise is harmful for the health, including hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and cardiovascular effects that might be life-changing. It also can lower sleep quality, and impair concentration and academic performance. It’s even been tied to depression and other mental-health issues.  Dr. Neitzel found that kids would be protected from noise-induced hearing loss if their exposure was 75 decibelsContinue reading “The definition of loud noise and how harmful it is”

American Public Health Association releases updated policy statement, “Noise as a Public Health Hazard.”

American Public Health Association releases updated policy statement, “Noise as a Public Health Hazard.” This policy calls for national noise standards, enforcement, education, outreach, and action on noise as a public health hazard.  The whole updated policy statement can be found here in APHA’s website.

The Health Impact of the City Living

Living in a city has obvious benefits but also some disadvantages. Air pollution is the one people can think of and has the risk of the cardiovascular diseases and the respiratory diseases. The exposure is another one that is easy to be ignored. In fact, it is a health threat and can cause the stress,Continue reading “The Health Impact of the City Living”

Dr. Neitzel Discuss the Toll of Noise on Bodies and Environment

In the decades since 1978, studies have underscored the significance of the hazed of the noise to the health of people. The exposure of noise can increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and so much more. Dr. Neitzel discuss the toll of noise on bodies and also environment and how to mitigateContinue reading “Dr. Neitzel Discuss the Toll of Noise on Bodies and Environment”

Health Impact from City Noise

When more people move to the city, more people start to suffer from the city noise, especially from the heavy traffic and construction due to the city’s convenience and development. The dense urban environmental cities can have background noise high enough to cause the hearing loss after year or even decades of exposure. The loudContinue reading “Health Impact from City Noise”

Noisiest Jobs in America

CDC estimate that 22 million Americans are exposed to noise at work. The noisiest jobs can be determined by the noise exposure data from the University of Michigan’s Job Exposure Matrix.  Nearly half of these noisiest jobs in America are production occupations and the vast majority of these jobs do not pay well and also haveContinue reading “Noisiest Jobs in America”