Michigan State sewers search for signs of COVID-19 in wastewater

Local 4 News followed scientists into the sewers at Michigan State University as they searched for early warning signs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in wastewater. Similar testing is being done at the University of Michigan and is as the previous post. The next challenge is to find a way for the results to be brought into some type ofContinue reading “Michigan State sewers search for signs of COVID-19 in wastewater”

U-M researchers look for coronavirus in campus environment

Dr. Rick Neitzel and several other researchers are developing methods to detect COVID-19 virus in the environment and on surfaces around the Ann Arbor campus. This approach will provide an additional perspective from the work of other researchers, which has focused mostly on epidemiological approaches such as tracking infection rates. They are looking in sewers, on campus busesContinue reading “U-M researchers look for coronavirus in campus environment”

Weaponized noise as a tactic to control crowds

In light of recent protests and events, this article discusses many forms of “non-lethal” tactics to control crowds, including; tear gas and pepper spray, rubber bullets and blunt trauma, noise, and electric shocks. Specifically, Dr. Neitzel was interviewed to talk about weaponized noise and it’s use to disperse crowds. Some common forms of weaponized noiseContinue reading “Weaponized noise as a tactic to control crowds”

Volume AND duration are important factors that contribute to damage of our kids’ ears

Check out the NYT article “How to Protect Kids’ Ears From Constant Headphone Use” where Dr. Neitzel and Dr. Fligor discuss headphone use among children and what “safe” listening levels and duration may be highlighting their recent paper on recreational sound exposure.

The path to reopening after COVID-19

Dr. Neitzel sat down to chat with Population Healthy about the risk and approaches necessary to reopen and return to work. Listen to “Returning to Work Safely in Michigan and across the US 5.15.20” on Spreaker. The hierarchical of controls are central to industrial hygiene and workplace safety. This same approach is being used toContinue reading “The path to reopening after COVID-19”

Dr. Neitzel talks about noise pollution twice this week

Check out the amazing story of one female activist who has been trying to take on the daunting task of tackling noise pollution in Mumbai. The Fight to Curb a Health Scourge in India: Noise Pollution Bring it back to the US and read about how communities in AZ are fighting against both existing andContinue reading “Dr. Neitzel talks about noise pollution twice this week”

Want to learn more about E-waste and become an advocate for environmentally sound management?

Check out the new Massive Online Open Class or MOOC about the E-waste Challenge developed by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. The course is presented as 5 stand-alone mini courses. You can talk 1 or all 5 of them. It is self-paced. The main learning objectives of the course is toContinue reading “Want to learn more about E-waste and become an advocate for environmentally sound management?”

Dr. Neitzel writes about Noise and Health Effects in Tinnitus Today

In the first article he discusses how noise affects are more than just hearing loss and tinnitus. He outlines and summarizes our ongoing work with the CDC to systematically evaluate the evidence for noise effects on cancer, cognitive effects, endocrine disruption, high blood pressure, injuries, ischemic heart disease, low birth weight and premature birth, mentalContinue reading “Dr. Neitzel writes about Noise and Health Effects in Tinnitus Today”