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Covid-19 Shutdowns Reduced Unhealthy Noise Exposure

Dr. Neitzel and Lauren were interviewed by an independent journalist and healthcare contributor to to talk about the Apply Hearing Study and the first paper just published in Environmental Research Letters for it. In the study, researchers collected participants’ Apple Watch and iPhone headphone data to understand the sound and audio exposure in the dailyContinue reading “Covid-19 Shutdowns Reduced Unhealthy Noise Exposure”

We just launched our official YouTube channel

Please check our official YouTube channel to watch all the videos! We will cover the topics about our latest research project, COVID-19 pandemic and education. Welcome to our channel and subscribe us to receive the notifications of our latest videos!

Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure nearly in half

People’s exposure to environmental noise dropped nearly in half during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to University of Michigan researchers who analyzed data from the Apple Hearing Study. Researchers at U-M’s School of Public Health and Apple Inc. looked at noise exposure data from volunteer Apple Watch users in Florida, New York,Continue reading “Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure nearly in half”

Our first paper for Apple Hearing Study was just published

Our first paper for Apple Hearing Study was just published! You can find the paper, Impacts of COVID-19-related social distancing measures on personal environmental sound exposures, for more details. The Apple Hearing Study is a partnership between the University of Michigan and Apple to study sound exposure and its impact on hearing health. This groundbreakingContinue reading “Our first paper for Apple Hearing Study was just published”

Apple will no longer bundle a power adapter with the new Apple Watch

Last month, Apple said it will no longer bundle a power adapter with the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE smartwatches.  By encouraging people to take advantage of the old charger and reuse the accessories they have at home, Apple says it will reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. “The environmental impactsContinue reading “Apple will no longer bundle a power adapter with the new Apple Watch”

Michigan State sewers search for signs of COVID-19 in wastewater

Local 4 News followed scientists into the sewers at Michigan State University as they searched for early warning signs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in wastewater. Similar testing is being done at the University of Michigan and is as the previous post. The next challenge is to find a way for the results to be brought into some type ofContinue reading “Michigan State sewers search for signs of COVID-19 in wastewater”

U-M researchers look for coronavirus in campus environment

Dr. Rick Neitzel and several other researchers are developing methods to detect COVID-19 virus in the environment and on surfaces around the Ann Arbor campus. This approach will provide an additional perspective from the work of other researchers, which has focused mostly on epidemiological approaches such as tracking infection rates. They are looking in sewers, on campus busesContinue reading “U-M researchers look for coronavirus in campus environment”

Weaponized noise as a tactic to control crowds

In light of recent protests and events, this article discusses many forms of “non-lethal” tactics to control crowds, including; tear gas and pepper spray, rubber bullets and blunt trauma, noise, and electric shocks. Specifically, Dr. Neitzel was interviewed to talk about weaponized noise and it’s use to disperse crowds. Some common forms of weaponized noiseContinue reading “Weaponized noise as a tactic to control crowds”


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