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A new podcast about sound

Sounds and noise are all around us. How does that affect our health? Dr. Richard Neitzel was invited by Everything is Public Health to discuss about it on their new podcast. You can find the entire podcast here.

First Generation Student from School of Public Health to Protect Energy Workers

Cassie Gaskins is the first one to earn bachelor and master degree in her family. She made a lot of effort and now is the role to members of her family. She got an MPH with a specialization in industrial hygiene from the School of Public Health, University of Michigan. She is interested in the energy workersContinue reading “First Generation Student from School of Public Health to Protect Energy Workers”

Apple published a paper for Hearing Study

Apple published a paper, Toward a better understanding of nonoccupational sound exposures and associated health impacts: Methods of the Apple Hearing Study, for Apple’s Hearing Study. This new paper describes the methods of the study, which collects data from hearing tests, sound level at which the participants exposure to environment and headphone, the cardiovascular metricsContinue reading “Apple published a paper for Hearing Study”

The definition of loud noise and how harmful it is

The loud noise is harmful for the health, including hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and cardiovascular effects that might be life-changing. It also can lower sleep quality, and impair concentration and academic performance. It’s even been tied to depression and other mental-health issues.  Dr. Neitzel found that kids would be protected from noise-induced hearing loss if their exposure was 75 decibelsContinue reading “The definition of loud noise and how harmful it is”


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