Mozhgon Rajaee receives Warren A. Cook Award

PhD student Mozhgon Rajaee was recently bestowed the Warren A. Cook Award, which is given each year to a PhD student who has made significant contributions to industrial hygiene research. Mozhgon’s thesis is titled “Mercury exposure, cardiovascular health and pulmonary function in a Ghanaian small-scale gold mining community.” Congratulations, Mozhgon!

Utibe in the news

As an Aspen Fellow, lab member Dr. Utibe Effiong has been raising awareness about the ongoing meningitis crisis in West Africa, and his personal experience with it. He has also written about the challenge of stemming this year’s Ebola outbreak. Great work, Utibe!

Dr. Utibe Effiong: Ebola has not received the attention it requires

EHS Alumnus and research scientist Utibe Effiong, MD, was interviewed on CBS radio about several aspects of the Ebola outbreak. Dr. Effiong also wrote up a blog post for the Risk Science Center’s website on the topic. Dr. Effiong writes that Ebola should be seen as a global problem, not a localized one, and that resources should be allocatedContinue reading “Dr. Utibe Effiong: Ebola has not received the attention it requires”

New website for 85-3 Campaign

The 85-3 Campaign aims to recognize organizations and employers that have adopted 85 dBA for an 8-hour noise exposure limit measured with a 3-dB exchange rate for their hearing loss prevention programs, and to encourage others to adopt this same hearing protective strategy. To fight the “”silent epidemic”” of occupational hearing loss, the 85-3 Campaign is enlisting asContinue reading “New website for 85-3 Campaign”

Exposure Research Lab Gets Certified as a “Sustainable Lab”

The electricity required to keep a computer running 24 hours a day and seven days a week can cost up to $600 per year. Add to that the electricity consumption of lighting, fume hoods, and other lab equipment, and a research lab quickly becomes very energy-intensive and expensive. Fortunately, a few simple behaviors can greatlyContinue reading “Exposure Research Lab Gets Certified as a “Sustainable Lab””