Dr. Neitzel writes about Noise and Health Effects in Tinnitus Today

In the first article he discusses how noise affects are more than just hearing loss and tinnitus. He outlines and summarizes our ongoing work with the CDC to systematically evaluate the evidence for noise effects on cancer, cognitive effects, endocrine disruption, high blood pressure, injuries, ischemic heart disease, low birth weight and premature birth, mental health and psychological effects, NIHL, obesity and overweight, and sleep disturbance. Health outcomes with Moderate to High evidence of health effect are in bold.

In the second article he talks about how you can protect yourself from this hazard. With the three main actionable points: limit your time in loud noise, move away from loud noise, and finally when these options aren’t possible don hearing protection.

Check out the full article (Neitzel Tinnitus Today Dec 2019) for all the details!