Injury Risks Associated with Noise and Hearing Loss


Principal Investigators: Peter Rabinowitz (Yale University) and Rick Neitzel

Source of funding: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Description: A growing number of studies suggest that exposure to noise may increase a worker’s risk of occupational injury. However, many of these studies are limited by crude or insufficient noise exposure estimates, and also have not controlled for hearing status of injured workers. This study builds on a unique relationship between the research team and a major manufacturing company which has collected tens of thousands of noise exposure measurements and detailed data on workers’ hearing ability and injury experience. Using this unique dataset, we are exploring the relationship between noise exposure and injury risk, hearing loss and injury risk, and possible interactions between noise exposure and hearing loss as they relate to risk of injury. The results of this study may highlight additional injury reduction benefits associated with noise control programs in the workplace.