Daily Exposure Monitoring of Occupational Noise


Principal investigators: Peter Rabinowitz (Yale University) and Co-PI Rick Neitzel

Source of funding: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Description: Noise-induced hearing loss continues to be one of the most common occupational disorders. This study involves the use of an innovative technology (QuietDose) that measures noise exposure levels inside of hearing protection devices (i.e., earplugs and earmuffs) on a continuous basis. We are following a cohort of workers who wear the QuietDose device daily in order to determine the effectiveness of the intervention, better understand the dose-response relationship between noise exposure and hearing loss and also compare the effective attenuation of hearing protection over time with hearing protection “fit tests” done at a single point in time. The results of this study could have major research to practice (r2p) implications for hearing conservation, creating important new opportunities for the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss.