Dr. Neitzel’s team develops a tool for evaluating hearing conservation programs


“Noise-induced hearing loss continues to be one of the most common occupational disorders, even in workplaces where workers are protected by hearing loss prevention programs (HLPPs). Although standards and regulations vary by country, virtually all hearing loss prevention programs require several elements: the measurement of noise exposures; the implementation of noise controls to reduce noise levels; conducting hearing tests on exposed workers; training of exposed workers; the use of hearing protection by exposed workers; and certain recordkeeping activities.  See the NIOSH Occupational Noise Exposure Criteria Document and the Practical Guide for Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss for details about implementing a successful hearing loss prevention program.  However, despite the widespread adoption of HLPPs, there are no agreed-upon standards about how to evaluate the effectiveness of such programs.  Also, there are few evidence-based tools allowing workplaces to evaluate their own programs.”

Learn more about the project on the NIOSH Science Blog!

Celebrating a successful semester for the exposure research lab

An overwhelming amount of good news is pouring out of our lab this semester:

  • Taichi Murata, Chrystina James, Katarina Klimpel, Momo Tang, Allison Burk, and Katrina Burns are all graduating this semester with master’s degrees, and Mozhgon Rajaee is graduating with her PhD.
  • Chrystina James will be attending UM Medical School in the fall.
  • Katarina Klimpel successfully defended her MS thesis in toxicology.
  • Ben Roberts passed his preliminary dissertation defense, and is now a PhD Candidate.
  • Stephanie Sayler successfully defended her preliminary thesis proposal, received a fellowship from the UM Center for the Education of Women, and received a scholarship from the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation.
  • Mozhgon Rajaee has accepted a tenure track assistant professor position at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. She will be part of the MPH program within their School of Health Sciences, and will focus on environmental and community health.
  • Rachel Long will pursue an MSPH at the University of North Carolina in their Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering in the fall of 2015. She also received scholarships from the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation.
  • Krystin Carlson’s poster won an award at the Society of Toxicology meeting in San Diego in March.
  • Dr. Utibe Effiong has been matched to a residency in Internal Medicine at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia.
  • And last but definitely not least: Dr. Rick Neitzel was just accepted as a  Distinguished Fellow at the America Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).
Congratulations to everyone on these great achievements!